Sr. Carol

After a long time of committed service, giving all her love and sacrifices to our school, Sr. Carol is retiring. We
can never thank Sr. Carol enough for her service, her dedication and her love. There is so much that could be
said by all of us. I know between my years as pastor and previous years as assistant here at St. Bernadette, it
has been a joy and Blessing working with her. More information will follow in the following months about her retirement.  Thank you Sr. Carol for all you have done for our children, for us, and for this parish.

Divine Mercy Academy, and New Principal

With the future of the Church Alive, one of the steps is merging of North American Martyrs School with St. Bernadette School, becoming the new entity of Divine Mercy Academy. This will begin in August of 2018.K-8 will be housed at the St. Bernadette building and Pre-K will be housed at North American Martyrs. Mr. Sean Davis has
been hired as the principal. Mr. Davis has been teaching since 2000 in the Wilkinsburg School District, Riverview
School District, and Shaler School District while serving as a Lifelong Learning Instructor at the Community
College of Allegheny County from 2000 to 2003. He taught at St. Sebastian School from 2007 to 2012 as the Director
of Technology, Computer Teacher and Assistant to the Principal. He served as Elementary Principal at
Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament School in Natrona Heights from 2012 to 2017. From July 2017 to present
he has served as the Elementary Principal at St. Rosalia Academy which will close at the end of this school
year. Mr. Davis and his wife have two children and they live in Glenshaw and are members of St. Bonaventure
Parish. Sean also currently serves as the Instructional Baseball Coach for the 7-8 age group for the Shaler Area
Athletic Association and serves as the Girls Softball Coach for those in the 7-9 age group for the Braun Jeffrey
Athletic Association. Mr. Davis will be visiting our schools and working with the present staff during this time of
transition. As time moves on, more information will be given about the future of the school, but please do not listen
to the gossip floating around at the present time, wait until you hear the facts that I will communicate. Please
welcome Mr. Davis with the warm loving hearts that reflect our present parish and school communities.